Monday, April 22, 2013

Spain is the European Leader in Smartphone Use and More Great Digital Trend Data

ComScore's new report, "Spain, Digital Future in Focus 2013", provides some great insights into the Spanish digital market that are quite interesting.

Below are some of the highlights; you can find the full document in Spanish on Comscore's Website.

  • More and more content consumed on various devices – mobile has become a very popular way to view content
  • Spain is the European leader in Smartphone use with 66% market penetration (followed by the UK with 64% and Italy and France with 53%)
  • The number of consumers with a smartphone or tablet has increased 70% in one year
  • Tablet use has increased 11% in one year, with over 4 million users
  • Social media usage on PC decreased, while access via mobile increased 45%
  • Consumers now experiment with buying via mobile – 10% for purchases and 16% to compare products. Apple is the most popular smartphone with which to do so.
  • Europeans spend 26.9 hours online per month
  • Over 35% of mobile users in Spain are under 35 years old
  • 17 million Spaniards use their computer to access the internet per day, a 9% increase over last year
  • Online audience:
    • Most users between 25-44 years old
    • Ages 15-24 and 45-54 same number of users; over 45 is the age group that most grew versus the previous year
    • 52% male / 48% female
  • Google is the most popular operating system by far with nearly 60% of market share
  • Online categories with most growth are Women’s Magazines and Automotive
  • Video from PC only increased 0.6% but watching video via mobile increased 164% over the past year. Google leads the sites by far.
  • Most online display impressions dominated by Proctor & Gamble with 202 million, Carlsberg with 45 million, L’Oreal with 36 million
  • Most impressions come from Social Networks (31%) followed by News (14%)

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