Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Who's Who in Social Media

This presentation from the 2011 CloudForce event hosted by Salesforce.com provides a great introduction to 10 of the top vendors of social media integration tools.

Vendors highlighted are:
  1. BrandGlue www.brandglue.com
  2. Cotweet www.cotweet.com
  3. Flowtown www.flowtown.com 
  4. GetSatisfaction www.getsatisfaction.com
  5. HootSuite www.hootsuite.com
  6. Klout www.klout.com
  7. Radian6 www.radian6.com
  8. ShareThrough www.sharethrough.com
  9. SlideShare www.slideshare.com
  10. SocialFlow www.socialflow.com 
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