Thursday, February 24, 2011

Geosocial couponing to take off this year in Spain

Geosocial couponing”, a term I'm pretty sure I just coined ©, is the future.

Facebook Deals launched in 5 European countries (UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy) in late January 2011, and this is just the beginning. Since its U.S. Launch in November 2010, millions of people have used the service, according to The Wall Street Journal.  

My prediction about the opportunity for location-based services to link with online couponing for success in Spain has been confirmed by comScore’s recently released and anticipated 2010 Europe Digital Year in Review report, which highlights some interesting trends within the Spanish market:
  1. An increase in use of social networking and, in turn, online advertising spend 
  2. A rise in smart phone usage and therefore a growing demand for smart phone-ready content and applications
  3. The imminent explosion of online couponing (my words, comScore is more scientific)

I believe these three areas are intricately connected and the companies that successfully integrate online couponing with social networking’s location-based services, and effectively offer the service through smart phones will see huge success this year. Enter 'geosocial couponing'. 

Here are the highlights that stood out to me
  • Internet users in Spain spend the equivalent of one day a month online (24:20 hours), on par with the European average
  • The percentage of Females online in Europe is slightly more than the worldwide average
  • Of the 360 million people online, Europe’s typical digital user is older than that of Asia Pacific or Latin America, with over half 35+ years old
  • Web-based email use has remained steady in Europe, unlike in the US, which I predict may change with the Europe-wide launch of Facebook’s internal messaging service that can be used on any device
  • Facebook is the 3rd most popular site in Europe & Terra-Telefonica, parent of, ranks in the top 10 in Europe at #8
  • Photo sharing had the greatest online activity increase with 17.2% over last year
  • Google continues to be the #1 search site in Europe with 90% of the market, trailed in 2nd place by Facebook with 30.2%
  • Spain ranks in the top 3 countries for online video viewing, with 16.2 hours per month. This is approximately 2 hours more than US viewers 2010 Europe Digital Year in Review
Social Networking
  • Social networking grew 11.3% in Spain over the year with 84.6% of online consumers using at least one site
  • By the end of 2010, Facebook was the leading social networking site in 15 of the 18 European markets included in the report
  • With social networking sites becoming even more popular (an increase of 10.8%, second only to Search/Navigation), instant messaging and online auction sites have declined in popularity. Instant messaging declined markedly, by 8.3% overall.
  • Across Europe, Women spend more time on social networking sites than men: 24.3% of their online time versus 16.8% (an average of 20.55% versus 12% in the US – comScore 2010 US Digital Year in Review)
  • After Portugal, Germany and Austria, Facebook saw its highest percentage growth in use in Spain (18.5%)
  • comScore calculates that 69.1% of the online community in Spain uses Facebook

  • Social networking was found to be a key driver of online advertising growth
  • Advertising rates grew significantly on social media sites in Europe, indicating that the penetration of online advertising is improving despite skepticism last year

Online coupons
  • The use of online coupons grew the most in Europe over the year, with an increase in penetration of 5.7%
  • The total number of people using coupon sites in Europe in a month grew 162% to 34.9 million compared to 2009
  • Groupon grew markedly throughout Europe and now has over 12 million users per month
  • In Spain, online couponing has a penetration of 8.9%, which is 8% more than last year, and second in growth to only Italy and Turkey

  • For a review of smartphone use in Spain, please see my previous post on comScore’s recent report.

Going on the assumption that Spain follows the US in online development by 1.5 to 2 years, I believe that this is the year for couponing via location-based services in Spain. And I stick with my hypothesis that LetsBonus + FacebookPlaces = Jackpot


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